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eSports are an ever growing industry and with eSports betting getting more popular by the day, finding the right place to bet on eSports in a safe and secure environment is an imperative. eSportsBettingReviews was started by a group of eSports enthusiasts with the aim of helping their fellow eSports players do just that!

Our aim is to find the best eSports bookmakers in the world and provide every eSports player and bettor out there with the information about the best bonuses, welcome offers, odds and market selections. If you are looking to bet on eSports and are unsure of where to do it and how to get the most value out of it, we are here to help you out with every step of the way!

eSports – 21st Century Sports

With the entire world turning digital in 21st century, it was only a matter of time before video games competitions became huge. The early years of the 21st century have seen the development of eSports, a brand new kind of sports that threaten to overtake mainstream sports in popularity in the decades to come.

As the world is moving more and more into the digital space and the tech savvy individuals are becoming the heroes of our age, eSports are actually a very logical next step in the evolution of sports. Competitive computer and console games from Starcraft II and League Of Legends to Overwatch and Call Of Duty are gaining massive fan bases at the speed of light and their expansion seems to be unstoppable.

This is only natural, as so many young people today are spending dozens of hours per week playing video games as it is. The introduction of multiplayer gaming and easy internet access for all have made ground for the development of eSports with such young people.

eSports are not just video games however, and the determining factor in who wins or loses is certainly skill, not luck. In fact, it could be said that luck often plays a bigger part in many conventional “real life” sports than some of the eSports being played today.

Such fierce competition has led to millions of people anxiously awaiting to watch the matches of the best eSports teams in the world and in turn, the sponsors have started providing a massive influx of cold hard cash to stimulate such competitions.

In the end, young eSports players are becoming superstars and millionaires over night by defeating their fellow gamers at their favorite games. For many, this kind of a life would be a realization of the dream they have been dreaming for many years. The best part about eSports is that pretty much anyone can do it, as long as they are willing to put in the hours and hard work in improving their skills.

eSports Betting Sites – Where To Bet

Betting on eSports has become an integral part of the eSports industry that drives it in many ways. Millions of fans who are watching the professional matches prefer to put their money where their mouth is and try to predict the outcomes of these matches.

For this exact reason, most of the major bookmakers out there have added eSports betting to their comprehensive selection of sports you can bet on. You can now place eSports bets with most of the big sportsbooks and some of them have dedicated entire separate sections of their sites to providing you with the latest news, statistics and other useful information about eSports to help you make the best possible decisions.

It is our goals to find for you the best bookmakers for eSports betting, provide you with the absolute best value in odds, bonuses and game selection and make sure you are betting in secure environments where your money will be kept safe.

This is a big job, as we are forced to analyze and review every single bookmakers out there to give you honest and realistic ratings of every single aspect of their offering. Check out our reviews and find out which bookmakers you should sign up to start your eSports betting journey.